Planning your needs for security and safety is most often undertaken with emotion or fear.  You have either suffered from a criminal event or someone close to you has.

We find ourselves having to spend more money to get an increased level of comfort.  What is needed is a structured approach to planning security.  To do this, you need to go through a number of steps in the planning process.  Let’s look, at the steps and start taking ownership of our security plans.

Step 1 : Understanding the Threat

This involves making a list of all the known security threats in your area.  Get the information from the CPF, your neighbours, newspapers and any available sources.  You need to have a “threat list” for home, work, travelling and so on.

At this point, it is a good idea to apply the What – When – Why – Where – How analytical tool (4W + H).  Do this by taking each threat and answering the questions.

What               :           happened or could happen?

When              :           did it happen or could it happen?

Why                :           did it happen or could it happen?

Where            :           did it happen or could it happen?

How                :           did it happen or could it happen?

At this point, you have developed a very good idea of all the threats that surround you and the modus operandi.

Step 2 : Define the Risks to You

With the knowledge of the threats in your area, making a list of the security risks applicable to you in your situation should be easy.  It is unlikely that all the threats will turn into a risk for you.

With a clear understanding of the risks applicable to you in your location and situation, you move on to the last step.

Step 3 : The Security Plan

In this step you decide how to mitigate the risks applicable to you.  The mitigation is based on what you found when you applied the “4W + H” analysis as well as asking for assistance from the security service providers who should have a clear understanding of the methods of mitigation.

The general rule is to provide :

Deterrent – Delay Mechanism – Detection System – Detention (Response)  (4D’s).

The above 3-step process must become part of your life, mentally going through the steps continually playing the part of the criminal, looking for the gap and then closing it.

In future articles we will look at further methods and actions that you can use in each step of the process.

You will soon be a fully equipped Security Planning Machine.

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